DRV8302 Error? I need help!

Hi, Today I have connected my Maytech VESC and I couldnt get it to work…the BLDC tool says DRV8302 Error :frowning:

I am 100% sure there have been no shorts/sparks or anything like that, before the error occured I had embedded my motor leads into the deck (LHB style) with polyester resin and I might have switched them. I also resoldered two leads to the sensors of the motor. That are the changes I made before reconnecting the VESC.

Before the VESC had been running smoothly and I have never had any issue…

Here are pictrues of the VESC

and pics of the BLDC tool:

What is the problem with the VESC? May it be manufacturing mistake? Would changing the DRV chip help?

Battery Max is a bit high, also you should leave your min/max voltage alone (8/57 default). Some of these settings may have blown the DRV. You’ll need to swap it out or get a new VESC. SMD soldering the chip is a bit difficult though. You may want to consult @JohnnyMeduse for a swap.

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Ok…few more questions from me :slight_smile: My friend studies electrotrchnics so he could repair it cheaply for me :slight_smile: Is there something importnant he should know? I have to exchange just the DRV? Where can I buy DRV in EUrope? I know I can buy from aliexpress, but are there any european vendors where I could get it faster than 19 days?

Ty @jinra

No idea about any european vendors, but people typically order off mouser in the States I believe. Just make sure to show your friend Vedder’s schematic from his site. There are two pairs of leads that need to be bridged on the chip.

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OKok :slight_smile: ty

Hi @aigenic, as @Jinra mention always leave min max voltage to the original limits.

Also, It’s look like the integrator limit are the default one, those should have change after your motor detection, maybe you did push the write button after the motor detection, witch could lead to a drv faults

You best choice to get the part fast is probably MOUSER.

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Ok, I have done some research…can i buy hits DRV? Is this the right one? http://uk.farnell.com/texas-instruments/drv8302dca/motor-predriver-3ph-56htssop/dp/2078553?CMP=GRHB-OCTOPART

hey, just go with mouser. I changed two DRV yesterday that I burnt and to be honest I thought it would be more difficult. It’s really accessible if you have an hot air station and patience.

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Don’t really care about the different Name for the DRV8302, they are packaging types identification.

How much grades does the hot gun need to be able to output?

around 240 celsius

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I am in the same boat! Although this is happening to 2 of my VESCs which have never been used before… are you @JohnnyMeduse still soing repairs in Europe?

I can do repair from Europe, but the shipping cost a little bit higher, and also the delay (because of longer shipping time)…

Ok, my friend is not able to change it…he just took away the old DRV and damaged my VES a little…he said he had put everything back in right order and tested everything so it should work, but it doesnt look well :confused:

Here are photos of the VESC after removing of the DRV…

Is it still usable, if the DRV would be replaced or do I have to buy new one?

C41, C23, C10, C39 and probably more components are destroyed or out of place. I´d get a new one. Too much hussle

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Am I cursed or what?! So I have bought a new VESC from goaxle.com…after some time it was dispatched and then the parcel got lost…However I got my money back from axle (really nice customer support :open_mouth: ) So I orerd from Vandaelectronics.com…the VESC was dispatched this monday and it was delivered yesterday…today I checked all the fucking cables, everything is well isolated…and guess what…I connected it and the DRV blew up!!! FUCK THIS

I just tooka apart my connectors which were inside the deck…they are ok…the only problem might be in the motor…

Check your motor resistance ? Maybe it has a short somewhere. unplug it and try turning it and then hold 2 phase wires together and turn it again. There should be a increase in resistance.

Also you could check your ramp step setting in the bldc tool. Older bldc_tool versions had an issue there.