DRV8302 Error Motor or VESC problem?

So heres the deal, I’ve had this motor for probably almost a year now from @torqueboards Thing is i’ve never used it. So i plopped it onto my board and got everything setup and as soon as i try to do a BLDC motor detection the thing makes a very loud THUD and my VESC gets sent into a boot loop of 3 flashing red lights and a DRV8302 error code whenever i attempt to apply any sort of power to the motor. So i did a peeksie on the inside of the motor and i found this little shit.

Can any body tell me if I need a new motor or a new VESC or what? The VESC is maytech HW 3.3 FW 2.18

Looks like the wire from that coil came undone and cause a short to motor chassis ground. Might new need a motor and a vesc.

Try and open the wire and locate where it was connected to. If you have good soldering skills you might be able to repair it, otherwise you will need another. As for the vesc well, if its the drv it’s probably toast but you can try with another motor first

You need a new motor and ESC

Alright well that sucks. Got spend another $260 on this thing. Thank you guys for the replies

Just open the motor first, you might as well give it a shot. I also recommend getting a different Vesc as maytechs can fail easily

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Maybe a warranty can be used if never used

Torqueboards vesc and motor?

I think the newer flashier may tech VESCs are ok quality wise?

It’s been over a year so I don’t know about that

Yeah I might just sell it to someone who wants to do that and I’ll buy a motor from @longhairedboy


You can buy FOCBOXes also from @longhairedboy