DRV8302 FAULT Programming VESC

Hi guys, I’m giving programming my VESC a shot atm, and whenever i’m at the realtime data tab, and I try to use my remote to power the motor, i get the DRV error. The motor nudges just a little bit, stops, and I can do the same thing around 5 seconds later and the same thing will happen. I was watching the ESK8 support video, he says this might be due to a faulty driver/ VESC, but he didn’t really give a solution, what should I do?

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Hey mate, check your advanced tab for the Max current ramp step. If it’s at a value higher than .04, you have the current ramping bug which can kill your VESC. See >>http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/vesc-faq-firmware-bug-pre-august-2016-please-upgrade/8018 and http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/psa-remember-to-reset-your-max-current-ramp-step-when-programming-your-vesc/6262

Tried changing up the numbers to 0,004, it went up to 0.04 like the post said, still get the same error, motor still just nudges and stops working. Anything else I should try?

What motor are you using? are trying a motor detection?

Fyi, I have never been able to kill a driver due to this bug. @robskie you can try checking your phase wires to make sure you have a good connection but it sounds like you might need to replace the drv chip or check for bridged legs. Could also be a bad solder joint somewhere else on the circuit.

And it says detection failed when I try to detect the motor

Does the motor still move at all? If not you’ve probably killed you DRV chip by now. It’s quite a frustrating issue. If your motor does still move but nudges, you may need to change your motor detection settings (higher eprm helped my working one)

Do you have any picture ? What type of battery are you using ? What version of the BLDC tool, (have you download it recently, there was problem in the version that was available in July) ? Have you configure the remote ?