Dual 260KV motors too high?

Hey guys, I originally planned to build with dual Turnigy SK8 6364-190KV motors, a Fsesc 6.6 plus , 15/36 gearing, 97mm wheel and a 10s4p battery, but the motors were too big for my trucks, so i ordered a pair of smaller motors without checking the kv rating which are 260.

The Question now is, the build work in this setup? Erpm limits are not an issue with the fsesc (which has a limit of 150k)…
Torque was my next concern, which i would counter by going to a 15/40 or 44 gearing. Does anyone have experience with this kind of setup?

KV too high but I think that you can get away with it on a 10s. Just don’t go 12s. For the torque, you can be fine on a dual setup especially with that gear ratio. The main problem with high KV is ERPM (Torque and consumption aren’t big deal). So if your VESC can handle ERPM, you are pretty much good

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“Too high” is all relative. If it won’t blow your vest it won’t be “too high”… and that’ll depend on voltage your running…

I personally run 2x motors, dual diagonal setup, 5065, 270 kv.

Voltage is 8s, but I don’t use VESC. I use ezrun max6.

Setup hits 40+ mph. As it’s geared it won’t “destroy” hills… but it’ll get up any 10% grade I’ve thrown at it without much issue. And that’s about the extent of what I ride up in Los Angeles.