Dual 6355 w/ 15mm on standard calibers [LOTS OF QUESTIONS]

Alright, I’ve got my parts together for my big upgrade to dual drive following the failure of my Sk3. Got my totally bitchin motors (thanks LHB), my drivetrains, and my mounts (thanks Santa!). Started putting it together, aaaaand

shit I have the mounts pushed out so far that they are scraping the wheel pulleys (just for mock-up purposes). even unscrewing the wheel nuts as far as they go while still having purchase on the threads, and pushing out the wheels, it seems i need just a few millimeters more to fit the motor in there. can i make this work without buying anything else?

i just ordered 107 superflys on ebay a few days ago. Should i just bite the bullet and get 12mm pulleys for them? should i stick with the 15mm pulleys and get tb extended trucks (which would actually be cheaper)? should i even change my wheel pulley size (currently 15:36)?

Dual drive 12mm should be just fine for rough riding. It’s a cheap fix, nothing worth redesigning your entire drivetrain over. I’m still rocking the 9mms like @Namasaki, they work just fine for me. Alternatively, you could get the Torqueboards extended trucks but that’s bound to be more expensive.

One-piece motor mounts could be enough for ya. I think there are at least two members making pretty decent ones. Price wise, it could still be cheaper getting 12mm pulleys/belts. Motor pulley can still be 15mm…

i mean, the pulleys are gonna be about $40 each, plus belts… I’d say its gonna cost about $100 to get 12mm

i’d rather use these mounts if at all possible. i got them in the secret santa.

Are those 10" hangers?

Just grind them down… no need to buy new ones. That way you just have to buy belts, about 10$.


yes they are

That’s even better! :slight_smile:


that’s clever. It’ll take a while with a dremel and a file but nothing i can’t do in a day. On the other hand, since i’m upgrading the wheel size, i might need to get different pulleys regardless. any idea where the best place to get affordable pulleys is? BKB is good but kinda expensive for me at the moment.

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I have a coupe extra 40T/ 9mm aluminum pulleys for flywheels you could have cheap if you don’t mine trying 9mm belts They don’t have the same sudden stopping power as 15mm but they have worked well for me.

I also have a bunch of printed 36T/9mm pulleys if you want to try it on your smaller wheels.


sudden stopping power

this was kinda what i was after with upgrading to dual drive. still, 2x9mm IS more engagement than 1x15mm. I’m not sure yet.

another option would be to get a set of Torqueboards 218mm trucks which would give you plenty of room. I have a set of them on my dual 6374 build and the ride on those wide trucks feels amazing.


that’s what i’m leaning towards right now, and leaving the 107s and their pulleys for a different day. i’m gonna try to roll for a $25 discount on the DIYesk8 site to get them for a little cheaper.

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i should probably start selling parts to cover all these costs

You mentioned wanting more stopping power. Wider belts and larger wheel pulleys will help. When I went from 36T to 40T I had noticeably better hold when braking downhill even with 9mm belts.

what’s your price on the pulleys?

Have you tried using an extra speed ring or two to space the wheels out an extra 1-2 mm?

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not exactly. As i said in the OP, nothing is super firm in the picture, but the wheels are pushed out as though they had spacers, but there aren’t any physically in there at the moment.

I’ll send you a pm

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