Dual 6374 battery and motor current

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently deciding on what size battery to put to together for my build. So far it will be 12s but for how many cells in parallel i haven’t decided yet.

Looking at the specs for the Flipsky 190KV 6374 max current is rated at 85A. Does anyone know how that current rating is arrived at it? Being rated for 12s is that the current when the motor is under full load at top speed?

Also anyone who it running dual 6374’s on a 12s battery what motor and battery currents are you guys pulling at like full speed cruising? at about half speed? and under full load accelerating?

I know there will be some differences with different weighted riders/gearing/wheel type but I’m mainly looking at getting some rough values to so i can size accordingly. I will be using a Spintend dual esc so the current wont be limited to less than what the motors are capable of.

Thanks in advance

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Not really sure where they get those ratings but usually we run those at 80a with no problems. Basically you can run your motor amps as high as you want and then pay attention to the motor temperatures.

I’d recommend starting lower and getting used to the power before increasing the amps. Or you could use the default values assigned by detection - I think on mine (the same new motors) it was like 77a. I set them to 80 and have found that my ESC overheats before the motors even get warm at that value

How about 12S4P with SAMSUNG 40T 21700?

bigger is better