Dual 6374, Focbox, 12s4p, belt driven 107mm flywheels w/underglow lights for sale

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I’m selling my board because I need money for a car. My cousin who helped me do the research to build this. I’m hoping to sell for $1100, given I’ve put $1700 into it. Comes with: 12s4p Samsung call battery pack with 4volt 2amp Charger= $450 Nano-X speed controller= $60 Duel 6374 190kv electric motors= $240 Duel FOCBOX motor controllers= $350 ABEC 11 flywheels 110mm w/snap on 36t gear= = $250 Underglow LED parts= $75 Extra wheels, 15 mm pulleys, skate tools, 15 mm belts= $145 (for extra control and strength for higher speeds) BLUETOOTH CONNECTABLE, this allows you to control amps and monitor draw along with speed without having to take it apart after every run to reprogram= $50 Misc connectivity wires and bolts used for enclosure security and waterproofing all electrical systems=$30

35 miles range, top speed (so far) 43mph, super quiet and sensored motors.

I trimmed the edges of the wheels off to prevent chipping and give the gears a little more clearance


Oof here we go.


$200 off what is clearly a very, very, used board set up ? I think you will need to adjust your expectations a little.

The board would need to be mint for you to recoup that % of spend on a second hand item I’m afraid.

Good luck, but be realistic please.


If you’re parting out I’ll take the focboxes. Each one is not 200 so forget it. :joy: I’ll pay 100 each though


I’d pay 340 for both focboxs and motors

$175 for brand new focbox from enertion right now so don’t see how two used equals $400. $140 MSRP on ABEC11 107mm and pulley should only be about $40, think overall you’re thinking retail price instead of used. Typically going to get something like 50-80% of retail on used items I’d guess. The setup looks nice and labor can’t be discounted as nothing but can’t price parts as though it’s a brand new setup or based on what you paid at some time.

43mph ,…really?

I’m the one who helped out with this build, it’s geared 16/36 on 107s, so yeah 43mph is possible. Metroboard pulleys.

you will get more money on some other site, here people want it for like 30% or nothing see what you can sell for how much with parting out focboxes are always wanted new or used

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Only downhill :grin:

Still quick though.

Just to compare… 2 focbox=$250 2 sk3 6374 192 kv=$90 2 15t 36 t 15” drive pulley =$75 10s5p samsung battery pack =$340 (may get a 12s4p for $400) Mbs 100 mm wheels and 2 complete TB motormounts=$100 Landyachtz 2014 39” tomahawk=$50

Your build seems doable at a much cheaper price for those willing to shop around…

Has this actually been done? How much do you weigh? 12s3p 30q get me about 16.5 miles top. So I usually approximate each P group as 5-6 miles

He’s about 125lbs. usually just cruises around less than 20mph with the occasional WOT.

Edit: it’s mostly flat land as well.

14 wh/mi would be just about right.

You must remember that is calculated with nominal voltage, not fully charged so I’d expect what he claims

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OK thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. The calculator implies my board will reach 29.15mph (10s), so at full charge I should expect even more then ?

I haven’t fully tested the limits as yet, and frankly am a little scared to do so now hahah…

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yeah should do, if you use 10s I find changing to Lifepo4 and setting it to 13 cells gives the closest voltage to 42v, so thats just what I do. or for 12s set it to LI-ion and 14 cells which is spot on.

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I bought them when the FOCBOX was brand new, and they have the added Bluetooth module.

I was listing hem at retail price to show that this board isn’t a cheap set up. I really need to sell but not going to piece it out, I’ll drop my price to $1100

Right well I’m saying you’re working from original purchase prices instead of comparing against current market prices then it’s going to look inflated. Also the price on used parts is always way less than on brand new out of the box (same is true with a car, don’t buy a new one unless you expect to lose 10% the value right off the lot basically). https://www.trustedchoice.com/insurance-articles/wheels-wings-motors/car-depreciation/

Regarding the bluetooth you listed that separately as $50 so not sure how it factors into the VESC cost, just saying people who are buying used are doing it because they don’t have the money to buy new so going to be tough getting back anything near full retail price you paid for anything.

I weigh 120, this board was built for one job and one job only, give me torque, and give me speed. Distance is helpful however. With 6374, 190kv motors, programmed 60A going to each motor, and a battery discharge of 40A, along with the gear ratio and BIG-A wheels. On a little more than half charge I was able to reach 43. The reason I don’t go any faster is because I crashed and (according to the doctors in the E.R.) would have died if I wasn’t wearing a helmet. Speed wobbles can be fixed with better made bushings.