Dual 6374, Focbox, 12s4p, belt driven 107mm flywheels w/underglow lights for sale

Price change.

this is about what you’d expect with used parts:

12s4p Samsung call battery pack with 4volt 2amp Charger= $450 $250 Nano-X speed controller= $60 $30 Dual 6374 190kv electric motors= $240 $140 Dual FOCBOX motor controllers= $400 $200 ABEC 11 flywheels 110mm w/snap on 36t gear= $250 $100 Underglow LED parts=$75 $0

Extra wheels, 15 mm pulleys, skate tools, 15 mm belts= $145 $50

BLUETOOTH CONNECTABLE, this allows you to control amps and monitor draw along with speed without having to take it apart after every run to reprogram= $50 $10 << have you upgraded the vesc firmware, if not then this statement is untrue.

$1100 isn’t a bad price, maybe someone looking to get onto a good board may jump on it.

also try posting to other esk8 related socials, someone looking to get into a boosted or evolve may find this interesting.

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In that case, put that in your range description because I doubt that many of us will get that advertised 35 mile range.

I would, except my cousin who weighs 170 used of for the weekend got the same range



Would you take $1000 through PayPal? If so, i’ll take it. Need to get off my Koowheel onto something better.

Sure I’ll do that price if you cover the shipping

Use goods and services payment


Right on. What state are you shipping from?

And as far as degree of use, how many miles would you say the board has on it? Any mechanical issues or things to know about?

I see this a lot. what does it mean? or am I being dense?

no worries, when posting on this board there’s a 10 character minimum, otherwise you can’t post.

so, like if you wanted to just say “yes” it won’t let you, so ppl pad it with “10 char” to make it at least 10 characters.

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lol. first tryyyyyy


you like what I did there lol

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Is there any parts still for sale?