Dual 6374 vs 6355 for 250lb rider.. which is better?

Ok im finally going dual! Im setup and ready to go with everything except motors. I am currently running a 190kv 6374 on my single 10s rig and would love to just add another 6374 to it. Is this a bad idea? Is there a reason I should go with 2x 6355? Im a heavy dude and i have always had heating issues. I am trying to be sure to avoid this. I am aware i will have to mount one 6374 in reverse, which I am ok with.

6374! Moar torque!! :fire:

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Well that’s what I need!! Im a big boy and i’m tired of being underpowered.

My issue is how to run a motor mounted reverse without hitting the kingpin.

are you mounting both motors to the rear truck, one inboard (under deck), one outboard (behind deck)? Or are you talking about adding a motor to the front truck dual diagonal? I’d go DD if adding a second 6374.

Dual 6355’s are nice, but if you have 6374 already… i’d go Dual Diag.

GL fellow “normal sized” rider!

Im already running a 6374 190kv from @Kaly and was ready to grab another but have just been told they are on backorder, im crying! How do I run the second vesc at the front without having long wires? Does this not cause issues?

:wink: :wink: :wink: https://buildkitboards.com/products/6374-190kv-motor

You shoulda kept the Polar name, i liked that more.

There is all ready a plain skateboard company called Polar Boards and I plan to take full advantage of the Build Kit Boards name, especially the kit part :wink:

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maybe label it BKB for branding?

So the motor question is answered. I’m going with dual 6374.

Now, how do I position the second vesc to avoid issues with long wires??

Yep! Just not sure how to implement it yet.

Does stuff like the BKB 190kv 6374 sound okay?

Also sorry for the complete thread hijack.

@flywithgriff thats a challenge. I forsee you adding extra caps to compensate for the extra wire length.

sounds great!

@flywithgriff long phase cables are a-okay. I use them on my dual diagonal build

Phase cables as in vesc to motor, correct??

@JLabs no worries for the hijack, I like the BKB for branding.

yes correct

i use 5.5 connectors. What wire size for extended phase wires?

same size as your current phase wires

pretty sure they are 12awg. If im out of 12 can I run 10awg instead?

yea that’s fine

Sensor Wires! I didnt think about how to extend the sensor wires?!

I cut open a spare Ethernet cable and used the wires in there to extend the sensor wires

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