Dual 6374's versus Dual 6355's

Hello everyone, I am still in the design phase of my board and I am faced with several questions:

1)Would the top speed of a dual drive with a 16:36 gearing ratio and 100mm wheels be any different for 6374 motors or 6355 motors?

2)They are both rated at 190kv so shouldn’t the main difference between these two setups simply be the torque output and acceleration?

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. I am lightweight at 150lb
  2. I won’t be hill climbing in Florida
  3. I am planning to run my motors with a 12s4p power supply 4)I need the top speed to be at least 40mph
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i didnt see a huge difference between 6355 and 6374 on 10s but the 74 def had way better brakes and more torque throughout the entire powerband if you are light weight and not experienced id suggest the 6355 option


Oh I plan on using 12s. I have some downhill experience and need the board to be able to reach 40mph.

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Esk8 toss you off. Gear up broski.

6374 190kv dual, 16/36 on 107s will have no problem getting you there.


Go dual 6374 190kv on 12s

To calculate your final speed go to

Set your efficiency to 85%

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Both the 6374 motor and the 6355 motor share the same kv rating so the calculator suggests they will reach the same top speed.

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Right one gets there faster. And at the top doesn’t loose torque resulting in a couple less mph…

So 6374’s will get there faster and maintain a higher level of torque than 6355’s?

That is indeed what happens with bigger motor stators. Yep…

Essentially what happens is the 6374 and 6355 do have the same kv and so theoretically both have the same top speed and acceleration/torque.

The difference comes in when you factor-in heat. The smaller 6355 gets hot faster, and hot windings have a higher resistance, which burns off even more power as heat, which increases the resistance and makes them even hotter… The bigger 6374 will stay a bit cooler. At low usage levels there shouldn’t be much of a difference for same-specced motors until you start getting them hot. Same for 5065 really, they’re just even smaller.


From what I’ve seen and experienced, a single 5065 is meh. Single 6355 is ok. Dual 5065 is good. A single 6374 is good. Dual 6355s are great. Dual 6374s are STUPID-great.


:arrow_up: same. Single 5065 will get you to where you need to go, even if you’re fat like me. It won’t be much fun though. Dual 6374 is like stupid-powerful.

My preference, least to most preferred: single 5065 single 6355 single 6374 dual 5065 dual 6355 dual 6374

So you can see I like dual 5065 better than single 6374.


Can Confirm at 190lb

Okay, one more question. To do dual 6374’s I would have to use TB 218mm trucks, however their axle length is longer so won’t it require the use of spacers?

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they come with 4 spacers and washers

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I use a mixture of spacers and speed rings to get the pulley/wheel to the position I need

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I’m using zealous bearings which have built-in spacers and speed washers, so how would that work?

they come with spacers that go on the axel before the wheel, and then you put your wheel on with its own spacers…or in your case just your bearings. mine came with 4 spacers and 8 washers…on each axel i went in this order…washer>spacer>washer>wheel assembly (with washers and spacers )

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Oh, you have TB’s 218mm trucks. How’s the turning radius with such wide trucks? How’s the stability at high speeds?

people have complained about the bushings that come stock in these trucks…but they seem tolerable to me… turning radius is a bit bigger than my caliber ii’s, but stability seems to be a little worse than, especially at high speed. for now they do what i need them to do but i will definitely look into new bushings. i weigh 170 btw