Dual Belt Drive 1400W*2 N5055 Motor Power Truck&Front Truck Kit

do anyone like this power truck kit, discount can be offered for builder forum bros. http://www.diyeboard.com/dual-belt-drive-1400w2-n5055-motor-power-truckfront-truck-kit-p-422.html Dual Belt Drive 2800W(1400W2) 270KV N5055 Motor 8352mm Wheel Size Power Truck & Front Truck Kit for DIY Electric Skateboard Components Included: (2) N5055 Motor Mounted (Black, 270KV, 1400W/Motor) (2) Bolt On Motor Mount (Black) (2) 7’’ Truck (Black) (2) 48T Drive Wheel Pulley + (6) M6x50 Bolts (HTD5) (2) 16T Motor Pulley (HTD5) (2) 225-3M High Torque Timing Belt (HTD5) (4pcs) 83mm*52mm 78a Longboard Wheels (Available Colors: Black,Red)


If need Dual Belt Drive Motor Power Truck&Front Truck Kit, you can order the two kits below: http://www.diyeboard.com/dual-belt-drive-1400w2-n5055-motor-power-truckfront-truck-kit-p-422.html & http://www.diyeboard.com/electric-skateboard-battery-esc-power-kit-10s5p-11ah-p-526.html


How much for just a pair of the motor mounts? Do they fit Caliber style trucks?

caliber you need to grind the truck round to fit the mount. we got different mount that fit caliber trucks. http://www.diyeboard.com/motor-mountpulleysbelts-c-541.html http://www.diyeboard.com/motor-mount-fits-paris-truck-caliber-trucks-and-50mm-motors-p-570.html a type mount fit caliber truck.

http://www.diyeboard.com/electric-skateboard-motor-mount-fits-paris-truck-and-50mm-motors-p-503.html 36usd per pc, and 72usd for a pair, with belt covers. if for motor mount A type for caliber truck, 28usd per pc, and 56usd per pair. http://www.diyeboard.com/electric-skateboard-motor-mount-fits-paris-truck-and-50mm-motors-p-503.html

Dude holy crap please slow down on the advertising. It’s like you’re using this forum as your personal spam. If you’re going to advertise a product, it better be something we haven’t seen before. The all terrain tires and foldable board are cool. This^ is not something that you should be making new topics over.


sorry, i just reply to inquiry post by @michaelcpg , and this is the topic I made here for builders’ need. poor language man can’t type more words only more photos to demostrate well.

and this mount is our unique made, already widely spread globally with copies and clones, solid quality though. we are the orginal source. and if anything made you upset or angry, excuse me and we will pay attention to take care of your concern.

This motor mount doesn’t make any sense. How can you adjust the belt tension??? Stupid design!


Its probably made for a specific belt length. Lots of mass market mounts and pulleys are like that. Its a deal killer for me, I have to be able to alter the motor mount up/down position and belt length or I wont use it.


Not only that, but a huge benefit of belt drives is swapping out to different wheels and gearing when it suits you. This design doesn’t allow you to do that.

Although I will say $200 for motors and mounts and wheels is a decently good price, if they are good quality. The problem is that the savings is negated by having to buy a second a vesc.

Perhaps if you sent units to one or two members of the forum so they could test it and say whether or not it’s good quality, people would be more inclined to buy it

Could you please explain the difference between yours and this listing? https://m.ebay.com/itm/DIY-dual-1500W-electric-longboard-drive-kit-83MM-wheel-7-trucks-CNC-mounts-/322549102279?hash=item4b196cb6c7%3Ag%3AI0UAAOSwbtVZOttQ&_trkparms=pageci%3A06b92080-9992-11e7-a428-74dbd180b908%7Cparentrq%3A8240638415e0ab19f219617dffe39dd5%7Ciid%3A3

Both trucks are clones, both motors are 270Kv, you even used the same pictures but yours are more expensive.


it is our retailor’s hop, they only sell no waranty and aftersell support. if warranty and support you don’t care, then give it a shot. still to inform here, apperance same looking doesn’t prove same items in specs, you know the power comes out from inside copper wires and magnets. we always keep the best of best updated version here selling abroad, and give cut version or lower power version to China distributors and retailors. as I said, almost we supply to many factories the key parts here in China in the electric skateboard industry, since we are the best and starting the earliest. time will prove my saying. to do is to believe.

So you are actually fooling customers in China, but abroad customers will be getting the quality you promise? (’: Excuse me, but you sound like someone who knows shit about motors. Don’t act smart by saying power comes from the wiring and magnets. Good luck with your business, cause you won’t be getting mine.

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If you use real paris trucks for me, ill consider buying it for $100 without the motors.

different copper wires regarding thickness and magnet origin, high quality or low quality, it will affect much of motor power and performances. we are not fooling, China supply chain alwys like this, people don’t want high quality but regular types, so we use china made materials of copper wires and magnets. and the prices are much different. if you want the cheap, it won’t last long and lower performances. you should knowing all this. be nice be supportive

say, the different materials determin the prices. you guys please be resonable on prices different.

I don’t understand what you are saying here(