Dual Belt Drive 1400W Front + Rear Truck from diyeboard.com for sale EU


im selling this nice kit, never used it

2 extra belts 250-5M HTD5 12mm

wheels 83*52mm

drive (2) 35T Drive Wheel Pulley (HTD5) 13mm width (2) 13T Motor Pulley (HTD5) 13mm width


also im selling this Speed Controller MOTOR TYPE - Belt-Drive Motor VOLTAGE - 10S 36V 6S-12S 18650 Lithium battery pack

price drive kit (front & rear trucks) + extra belts = 185 USD drive kit (front & rear trucks) + extra belts + speed controller = 263 USD

i’ve paid some extra tax duties for importing to europe, you will save it

send me a pm if you are interested

thanks, Miquel

I dont wanna ofend you but your selling it for more than on diyeboard.com. And you can aboid taxes by paying 20 bucks more.


What do you mean???

Save the motors for me! Will order in 2 days.

How much do you want for the esc with the case plus shipping to denmark.

are you interested in the trucks too? i prefer to sell it all together (with or without the esc)

the remote is not included, i’ve to check if you can plug any receiver or if you need one from @diyeboard

With the trucks

Still left?