Dual belt drive System Parts. Any thoughts?

So i have been lurking around in the forums and now decided to build my own board. I have done some substantial amount of research but its still nice to see what you guys think.

For my parts so far.

These are all from from

2x ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD MOTOR 6374 190KV for $240.00


DUAL MOTOR MECHANICAL KIT for $364.99 -218mm Trucks -15mm Wide Belts

2x TORQUE ESC BLDC ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER for $261.88 -Male to Male Servo Connector -Mini USB Cable -Dual ESC XT90 Parallel Connector -TORQUE ESC CAN bus Connector -TORQUE ESC Sensor Wires

Deck https://www.customskateboards.com/blank-longboards/Blank-Distance-Push-Longboard for $25 (not sure about this one cause, so many people are saying that the deck is super important for the riding style and feeling)

Battery i want to use a 12s4p. not sure where i want to get that, i know diyelectricskateboard has one for $450 collections/electric-skateboard-battery-pack/products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s4p but maybe you guys know where to get a better one.

Enclosure i will probably get one from @psychotiller psychotiller.com. I heard they are pretty good and he knows his shit.

I also want to get a belt protection like boosted board has, but i have no clue where i get that from. So many people just 3d print them but i dont have one.

Charging i dont know how that will work if i need a BMS or if the battery pack has one included, or if i need to bybass it whilst riding so not to bottleneck the board. These things i still have to figure out.

My goal is to make a proper beast that will knock you of your socks :smiley: I would be super happy to hear some feedback about anything basically including the prices and parts…

I’ve been lurking a whole bunch as well. Reading as much as I could. Seems like you are sourcing most of your gear from DIY, so at least it should come together nicely. Are you a skater? Maybe you might be able to put a personal touch on your build, make it a little more unique?

Personally I hate stiff boards and ride bamboo longboards with drop thru trucks which iI don’t want to change. I didn’t want to raise my board at all, but still wanted dual 6374 motors with good clearance. For those reasons i’m Mounting my components in multiple containers suspended slightly on flexible stand offs, so as not to inhibit board flex and will be mounting my motors behind and outside the wheels as that is the only position i can think of that will give good clearance to my board (loaded dervish).

just received some parts from DIYelectric for my own build, used their 218mm truck and a couple of their 6374 motors. I went with Entertions FOCBOX because I appreciate their design clarity and wanted to support a local company (i’m In Australia). Got my FOCBOX’s on the Black Friday Sale, pulleys through eBay, LIPO’d on sale at hobby king, beseech BMS. Basically snapped up anything when it came up for sale, or just forked out retail for the right parts.

Only you can tell you what you think you will like. Haha

I am riding the Landwheel L-3 board right now with my own custome board, so i do have E-board experience. I do want to give it my personal touch similar to https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/the-darth-maul-sector-9-bintang-dual-6374s-focboxes-12s4p-torqueboards-218mm-trucks/36845

ATM i have a very stiff board that has a lot of clearance, but i do want to try out a flex board. But i just think its a whole lot harder to attach the casing to the bottom side of a flex deck. The motors, idk if the motor mounts allow for a reverse motor mount set up, just like you have it, if i understood right.

Thing is black friday is still long ways away and i want to build it fairly soon

You said in the title it’s going to be a hub system, but your using dual 6374s are you planning on converting them to hubs? Apart from that it all looks pretty good, you’ll have yourself a nice board!

thanks for the reminder. Its a belt system not a hub. my bad. I wish i could convert it to a hub system though. i looked at https://www.carvonskates.com/collections/parts/products/carvon-v4-speeddrive-xl and they look super dope, but they are all sold out. i just dont have enough know how to do it.

Yeah it’s a little complex, if I had a lathe I would make some myself but lathes aren’t cheap.

For the pulley cover @scepterr might be able to print you one for a small fee, or anyone else with a printer.

awesome, i will make sure to check him out. for now i will stick to some belt systems, cause its a bit hilly where i live.