Dual Carvon V3/ 12S3P 18650 battery / Arbor VÜGENHAUSEN / Dual VESC X / GT2B Mod MasterCho

Hey there,

It’s my third build ! This is the problem with esk8 you can’t stop build boards !

So my plan for this one is a High speed beast with a long range for some long sunday rides , I don’t plan to use it for commuting. I have better boards for that purpose.

Speed : 50 km/h 30 mp/h with V3’s

Weight : don’t care much since I don’t plan to carry it I think i’ll be around 9 or 10 KG Range : 12S3P 18650 Battery Pack with LG HE2 18650 cells from DIY electirc Skateboard ( don’t trust myself on building one) dunno what to hope but maybe around 40 km range ?

Deck : Still don’t know between the VÜGENHAUSEN or the Backlash ( the vugenhausen seems the best for High speeds and lots of space for my big battery )

Enclosure : I think MasterCho is the besrt choice right now for me, I don’t know really what to do with the enclosure any help appreciated !

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Goodluck building this! Also where can I find your goldmine? :wink:

I can attest the arbor vugenhausen is a lush deck. I love mine. I kind of like the landyachtz top speed better, but that’s because the W concave is new to me :).

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that’s gonna be a great deck ! and good thing folks… I will be able to try thanks to @ElskerShadow !!!


My goldmine is parisians Techno Raver :slight_smile: but half of my budget is from my raptor 1 mono that i’ve sold; Because I hated so much carbon fiber I didn’t rode it that much. and afterall around 1 . 5 k for such a board is fairly cheap when you see boosted sells the D+ for the same price…

Actually it looks like a thiner Ollin freeride !

hehe won’t be ready yet because of the V3 and I expect delays but once it’s ready you’ll have a try :wink:

It kind of does :). So how did you get the Carvon V3’s already?

My plan is to build with a dual Carvon V3 as well so let me know how your setup performs. I’m looking for a good battery that would work well with this motor. Also, what wheels did you put on the V3?