Dual diagonal: Front motor wire thickness?

For those of you on here with dual diagonal setups and both VESCs at the back of your deck, what guage wires do you run between the VESC and your front motor?

I know 12AWG is fairly standard for running between a VESC and motor but just thought I’d check if it’s worth using thicker wire considering that the phase wires would be a fair bit longer than usual.

I use 12awg

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What sort of current settings do you have set on your VESCs and motors?

motor max: 60 motor min: -40 battery max: 40 battery min: -8 abs max: 130

I find these settings to be perfect for both my boards on dual VESCs.

Have you not had any issues having such a large difference between motor min and battery min? I’m also assuming you’re not using a fuse if you’ve got a total battery max of 80?

nope and yep