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Dual diagonal just recovered from ward

ok ! i just did it ! ! !

found out the tiny brown capacitor split in two . at nunchuck rx . so i took the old totally spoilt kama rx capacitor and transfered it to the broken one . and then … all lights lit up ! red + green lights lit up at wii ceiver’s end blinking blue lights started blinkin once more ! so ecstatic right now . will post video .

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ITS SPINNING ! ! ! (couldnt say breathing !! could you)

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Mate, i know the feeling when you’re board is broken and after you fixed it, lights come on, motor’s spin again.
I know the feeling :smiley:

thanks bro . my feet still grounded to the ground . rainy season in singapore . unpredictable nowadays .
will post new vids . when skies clear .

@mostwanted haha! I loved hearing your exuberant “YESS!!” when it’s all finally working. Anyone who has built something like this knows that feeling! Congrats, nice work figuring out that the cap on the receiver was broken.

U could find parking garages! There are some that have great terrain.

in singapore , this tiny little wonderfull island !
empty multi storey car park is a luxury we dont have . if there is , it would be far away from my place . by then , my batt is flat .
the island is crowded .