Dual Drive 260KV - 110mm Wheels - 6S - Gearing?

I made the same mistake, buying the hk xcar esc. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good esc, but not so much for esk8. Plus it’s actually cheaper to buy 2 vescs.

2x xcar + programming card ~$185 2x flipsky vesc + loop key ~$165

Edit: prices are in AUD


Yo, thanks a lot Kelly!

Now I’ve ordered the 6364 and already have 2 x 6354, I don’t know which to use… I guess I could get the 218 Truck and try dual 6354 or single 6364?

Cheers for your help!

(Sorry about the slow reply, I got blocked from replying…)

Thanks for the Help! I bought the ESC’s on a black Friday deal as well as the motors and a battery and a program card for £180 which was a bargain :wink: I am doing a Jet Surfboard project aswell so thats the main reason for buying all that, just wanted to see if I could cross use them :slight_smile:

Cheers for your help!

What current VESC’s are usually used do you know? Because surely starting off current is at least 70A?