Dual drive, different size motor pulleys?

I have heard this mentioned but can’t seem to find an answer. I’m mainly asking because I have a 15t and a 14t pulley on hand. Is it ok to run different size pulleys? Would it help with torque as well as with top speed? I am running 10s dual 15mm 6374.

Yep will work just fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, that’s exciting!

I know… I’m chuckling about how were talking in different threads :laughing:

Haha multitasking at its finest. Bonus points for actually keeping them separated and not replying in the wrong one!

If I went crazy and went with a say, 15 and 18 setup. Would that cause the motor with the 15 to over spin when the 18 goes to max speed?

Well yes, as all wheels have to be moving the same speed, won’t damage anything AFAIK.

Makes sense, I don’t run wide open as it’s damn scary at 30mph so the extra low end torque and occasional top end burst would be great.

I run a 15/40 and a 15/36. Works great

I run a 13/32 and a 17/32 on 12s, so I get good torque off the line and a top speed of 35mph. Works great for me and is the best of both worlds. Just make sure to wear a helmet at those speeds.

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Interesting topic imo, but the one worry I have is that if one is geared for speed the other torque, I would assume the top speed geared one would eventually out pace the one geared for torque and overdrive it. Makes me wonder how much of an rpm limit there really is to these motors. By rpm limit I am not talking about the VESC, I am talking about the point where the whole rotor and magnets will blow up.

yeah good point, but it’d be the same as going down a hill and hitting speeds that exceeds the top speed of your board. The motor just regens it into the VESC. I’d think the motor would have to be going really fast to fail mechanically. The ~30% speed increase caused in a 13T and 16T setup wouldn’t be enough to do it

Just run 97mm wheels on the left side and 90mm wheels on the right side.


Do I need this?: /s