Dual drive e board for sale, but not yet

hi built an e board and wanted to know around how much i could get for it

here are the parts

flipsky dual vesc

samsung 30q 10s5p battery pack and bms produces 90amps 36 volts 15ah 6c around a 15-20 mile range

dual hub motors

please just give a price a can get for it thank you (dont have pics as am away at the moment)

L O L  


I’ll start bidding at £1

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A+ thread, would read again


what why do you say that

You are question boy aren’t you? Holy crap. Have you learn’t nothing from the past few days?


what i listened made a build and am deciding to sell it

seriously how much could i get for it

I mean without pics / hub motor brand, probably nothing lul

Are you trying to sell it on this forum?

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NO NO NO NO NO NO. do not be sucked into another Q and A with this kid. Picture it all and then offer it for sale sunshine. Till then…


will give pics soon but am away for a week or 2 asking around how much would someone pay

You right :joy:

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i swear no q and a

Hahahahaha this is the best. This guy is an A+ troll of the year.

I’m really enjoying all of this.


thats me out said enough


On here i don’t think anyone would pay much at all. You’ve made it clear that you hardly grasp how esk8 works. so i personally wouldn’t trust the board as is. I’d see it as buying a pile of parts.

Also wasn’t it just like 3 or 4 days ago you were asking if you could buy a flipsky?

Did you really buy one, get it shipped to you and install it on a board in like 60 hours?


look can someone just say a number and then close the thread

No we can’t because you didn’t list a deck you didn’t list the Hub motor brand you didn’t list trucks. We have no idea of the build quality.


bought flipsky and batteries from a friend who has been helping me with this stuff all pieces are connected just needs to be cased

Fuck all @mmaner please for the love of mike do your do my lovely bearded wonder.