Dual drive trucks 218, tb reverse, tbvesc good, tb drv damage, quantum only the remote

Hi, I need to sell these parts fast because my focbox is already there and cyber Monday is going to end and I will not be able to buy my mountainboard so I was thinking about 180 for everything else.image The drv damage vesc not seen in the image but it is tb

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Sold 10 characters

everything is sold?

only the trampaboard remains and the charger and the vesc with drv fault

damn i would’ve taken the mounts :frowning:

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People are so frikin fast on this forum holy

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Dam! I missed the mounts.


Yes trampa motor mount IMG_2413 IMG_2414

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Questions . The motor mount fits trampa mini trucks ? N I have these motors Screenshot_20181121-200334_Samsung%20Internet

sorry it cant do it

its for 63mm motors and for mountain board trucks

I will be traveling through Europe in July, if someone occupies something of this could tell me to put it in the suitcase, there are still the trucks, the vesc (the good and the damaged), the motor mounts, the wheels. I’ll be in 10 countries so if something interests you, ask and see if I’m passing through your city, I’ll be in Paris on the 11th in case someone else will go. I can sell the parts separately

Are the diy dual drive trucks still available? I live Sweden and would love picking them up.