Dual Flipsky 4.20 VESC Trampa Enclosure

Hello guys

I have a Flipsky dual 4.20 VESC here and decided to model a case for it to go on a Trampa. Its shaped to contour with the Trampa but at the same time its nice and low profile but crucially allows the heat sink to sit on the outside of the enclosure whilst the VESC is bolted to it and sits on the inside.

Underside 4b9ae50bf6f4696bde3c3a55fdef4af5aba34e50_1_690x388

Heat sink sits in a slot on the underside and then protrudes through


There are holes for the wiring to protrude either end, with built in grips so you can heat shrink the wiring to the case for a water tight seal


There is also plenty of space to velcro a receiver and bluetooth module inside

Is there any interest in this? can produce these in ABS or Nylon. I also plan to produce another model for the focbox unity soon.

I have already printed two prototypes along the way whilst designing and the fitment is good, I will produce a full prototype in ABS in the next few days and show it on the Trampa.


Ok final prototype is finished! What do you guys think?

Please ignore the PVA residue you can see on the parts, that will wash off. Had to get this one out fast to my friend who kindly lent me his brand new VESC’s so I could make this!

20180919_215800 20180919_215809 Screenshot_20180919-215732_Gallery