Dual Flipsky 4.20

Hey there! I’m selling two flipsky dual vesc 4.2, one working smoothly and the other one that have to be fixed( it’s working but it has some issues with some resistor as is keeping give out ABS over current) in Europe, for 150€ in total shipment excluded PM me if interested15376945173616533547891018988753

Out of interest is the new one a replacement for the non functional one?

Nope, it was for a 4wd project but as I got a new board I decided to change my plans

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Are you in a position to sell the working one separately? If so, how much? I’m in Sydney, Australia.


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I was hoping to sell 'em together as I don’t wanna pay for fix it and then sell… but I could go for 90 euro (shipment on you mate, so you can choose whichever service you’d like)

Still available?