Dual foc box setup problem

I’m lost and hope the community can help. I’m running a “Y” cable from the boxes to the receiver. Independently the motors run perfect, together one motor stumbles and stops unless it’s full throttle. Both vesc’s have been setup with the latest firmware and motor detection has been done. Any ideas?? Forgot to mention there’s no fault codes

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you set both up right? not just motor detection.

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Also what controller are you using.

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If you swap the motors, is it the same side that stumbles? Or the same motor? Or random?

I’m using the gt2b And I should add that I had 5 days of perfect monster performance before the problem

The same vesc. I thought it was the motor and replaced it to no avail!

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Definitely set up right

Is one of the +5V lines cut going to the receiver? Are both ESCs connected to the same power source?


After setup I disconnected the power from one

Power as in power from the XT60 or power on the 3 pin servo cable…

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The 3 pin servo cable

So if both work fine separate but when you connect the y cable it doesn’t. I would check the y cable connections. I soldered my y connection for the split. Maybe a faulty connection somewhere within the pins or wire itself.

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Swap which side of the Y connection goes to each ESC and see if it switches which one malfunctions

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Great suggestion guys. I will pick up a new cable tomorrow and report back.

New “Y” connector, no change. I’m out of ideas other than to send them to someone to inspect them

Can you post a picture of your setup?

No Cam bus wire?

not running canbus

Have you opened it up to cheack for shorts etc?