Dual FocBox SK3 192kv / 10S5P 30Q / 6" Tires + 107mm SuperFlys / Firefly Remote

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Current Parts List

REMOTE Firely designed by @solidgeek built by @SeeTheBridges

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BATTERY **10S5P 30Q built by @bimmer **

Speed Controllers 2x FocBox in Dual Finned Housing by 3DServisas

TRUCKS Torqueboard 218mm

WHEELS 6" Tires + 107mm SuperFlys

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ENCLOSURE Psychotiller Altar Wedge

MOTORS Sensored SK3 192kv w/ keyed shaft

Mounts / Pulleys @marcmt88 Complete Dual Idler Set w/ Cover x2 (Delivered) -Long Version -14T Motor 16mm -32T Wheel 16mm

@marcmt88 6" Hub / Pulley Kit (Delivered) -60T Wheel 16mm

DECK Rayne Vendetta 39" (Delivered)

Thanks for checking it out! And thanks again to everybody who helped me throughout the entire build process from parts selection to configuration. Thanks also to all the members who posted their processes, results, and links, I wouldn’t have pulled off half the cool stuff without all the info I found here.


what-if scenario :point_down:


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Yeah I was checking the calculator, I had the wheels set to 150mm for 6" tires, are they closer to 200mm real world scenario?

Wheel diameter is ~160mm when inflated.

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Awesome thanks. I think I am going to go with a 14/60. Loaded speed still will only be about 26 but it will still have solid torque (I think). Plus I can always change out the pulley later

Purchased the trucks and some FocBoxes to use until the ESCape’s are ready. Will probably stick with the 10S5P on the way until my bank account recovers enough to switch it back to the other board and upgrade this build to 12s4p

Still on the hunt for the right motors

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Ok I’ve ordered everything but the enclosure, remote + receiver.

The enclosure I am going with @psychotiller Cohron Split. Instead of waiting for the battery, can I just get the max size that will fit nicely on a Rayne Vendetta 39? That way it should look nice and even rather than having it be closer to the back trucks or centered on the deck with space on top and bottom. If anyone knows what size that is it would save me some time and I could order today :slight_smile:

I need a remote+receiver. What can I have delivered in California in the next couple weeks that is awesome? Nano X? Mini? (the Photon is on hold until I recover from this splurging, but I would like something nice for <$100)

Anyway thanks for any help!

Why are you switching from the focbox?

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Escape has hardware 6.1. Build originally intended for 12S4P and I felt the escapes would handle that build with less risk of blowing anything. Still plan on changing the pack but on indefinite hold at least until I finish this build and recover monetarily

Although I purchased mounts pulleys wheels for 90mm as well I will more than like ride the 6" tires more frequently of the two

I’m running 12s6p with the CNC enclosure. Focbox working great so far. I’ve pulled up to 116a on dual setup.

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Hmm that’s good to hear. Which enclosure are you using?

I was checking this one out but haven’t pulled the trigger


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Yes this one. Dissipates heat extremely well

Anybody sell his enclosures in the US?

You should get my Shuksan Enclosure. I just built a 10s5p with dual fuckboxes and it fit perfect.



I made a custom enclosure. But if I had one I could buy that fits I would have went that route.


Damn that’s a work of art @psychotiller.

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Man that is a perfect fit! Hey I read somewhere you can do custom cutouts?

Seconds before checking back on this thread I finished checkout and bought that Dual ESC Case with Fins lol. Do you have an enclosure that will fit the 10s5p, with the Focboxs inside the heatsink case witrh a cutout so the fins are sticking out?

I can probably still change the shipping address if you’d need it to fit it to the enclosure

Just one more splurge right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Dude I think I have a problem hahaha

I’ll have you know I had that tab up for a week before I finally caved!! :smile:

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I’m sooo busy right now…how about you buy an enclosure and do the little things yourself like cutting out a hole for fins. I can do it, but it would seriously be a few weeks out right now. I don’t have any minutes left in my day for these types of things.