Dual FOCBoxes using remote Splitter

Hey Guys. I have my FOCBoxes connected using a remote (Nano-X) splitter. When I configure each using BLDC, do I configure them the same? Does Master or Slave apply?

If you’re using a splitter, that is, a Y-cable to connect them via the reciever, you don’t need to designate master/slave, they’re both masters. You configure them both exactly the same. What you’re talking about only applies if you’re using a canbus cable. In any case, test each motor separately. Don’t just copy and paste!


Thanks @High-roller, I thought so. Only difference would be the one with the Bluetooth module or is that the same as well?

I’m not sure, I’ve never used Bluetooth modules. This is for telemetry, right?

Yes, I have read on the FOCBox with the Bluetooth make sure ppm+uart is enabled and set baud rate to 9600

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Make sure you only have the red wire (5 volt supply) connected to one of the VESC’s or you risk killing one of your VESC’s.

So all 3 wires into 1 VESC and only white and Black into the other.


Woah, thanks for catching that, I completely forgot to mention it!

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Is ground still neccesery for the other focbox with a cut 5v?

Yes. The FOCbox will need something, a reference point, to compare the signal coming through the white wire to. That is what the ground is.



Is anyone using 2 receivers vs a Y splitter?

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Yes. Works like a charm. Bigboystoys ran his 4x4 boards like this. Just pair the remote with both receivers separately.