Dual FSESC6.6,,, Better or not

hi all , what do you thing ,Dual FSESC6.6

it’s good , for electric mountain bord , or just for electric skateboard
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Try the search function. Lots of tests on this

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i found this on youtube

then there’s your answer. like @dareno said, if you search you’ll find that some people are having issues. maybe you should buy it for science and report back how it goes for you

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I have the FS6.6 plus in my newest build currently running abec 107 wheels and it is truely awesome I am a big fan of the nolimit firmware (why I went for this over the unity), i also like the extra current handling handy I have changed to the 26650 cells (5000mah, 50amp each), hill climbs are smoother and accelerating is insane. But is it much better than my ver 4 boards with nolimit fw and same motors. Day to day not much just a bit more power I rarely use. I have some 6" wheels on order so i may need that extra power, to do a bit of off road. I had issues with early FS6.6 singles the built in antispark switch is rubbish an 2 of mine I have to bypass but the Plus Antispark looks beefier similar to their stand alone Antispark that i use in most of my builds. But time will tell…