Dual hub ESC advice

I’ve been researching for my first esk8 build for a while, I’ve decided on this dual hub motor setup. They recommend this ESC to go along with it, I’ve also been considering this ESC. I was hoping you could give me some advice, I would like a good reliable ESC that’s less than 80$.

That DIYeboard one is good. Very torquey, the remote is awesome. Even has a push to start feature, which has only been part of DIY for a little bit

are you sure about the remote? i read that that one has a lot of cut outs, but maybe i´m wrong.

I haven’t had any, but I’m a sample size of one so idk


If you’re decided on genetic Asian parts, why don’t you get a meepo, wowgo, backfire, verreal, etc and just change the deck to your liking?

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Ive used that esc and it does work well enough to push me from a stand still and I weigh 230lbs

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To me get a kit only from meepo, verreal, owboard and you will have better hub (more powerfull) and the ESC with it. TO me the remote and ESC that ownboard, wowgo uses is the best one between the cheap chinese ones. IF you can add like 20$ you could go for two VESC from FLipsky and get the best out of your setup, acceleration, braking, speed…

EDIT: this one is the ESC https://www.ownboard.net/collections/parts-accessories-for-electric-skateboard/products/ownboard-electronic-skateboard-esc-motherboard?variant=6950811500586 from ownboard.

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I’ve used 6 of these remotes from v1 to v4 never once had a cut out, I also drop them all too they seem pretty resilient.

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that´s good to know! I have one of the old versions and it totally sucks, thought it is the same with this one, but looks like not.

They don’t ship to where I live :frowning: Plus building an esk8 seems fun!

how’s the ownboard ESC?

Based on the review it’s really smooth in acceleration and brakes . Only problem with all this ESC that they are preprogrammed and you can not change it. So the current output is limited even if your motor/battery can do more. To me better to go for 2 vesc or a dual VESC. You can find great second hands deals on the forum or a single or dual VESC from Flipsky would do the job for cheap. Believe me is totally another ride adn performance with a VESC.

I’m not going for a high performance board, I’m looking for a max speed of about 20km/hr. Is the VESC still better or is it just to better support more power?

it’s better overall because you can regulate the acceleration and brakes based on your weight, roads, feelings. PLus you attached a cheap bluetooth module and you get the telemtry data adn the possiblity to change setting on your phone. One sec. You can create different modes and have it the cruise mode where you limit the power and then the fast mode where you release it all. Also with the ESC from Meepo or ownboard for instance you will have different mode but you can not change the setting. Anyhow whatever board will brign you up to 20kmh. The only things that when you will get used to that speed and you want more, or maybe change parts on your board, then you will need to change the ESC too, while the VESC can be used with everything. I also had a ESC first and it was ok, plus the VESC at the time were much more expensive than now. Before the cheapest VESC would have been 250$ (total 2 VESC), compare to 80$. Now you can have them for around 100$, no match to me.

Additionally, you can set a VESC to 20kmh Max speed, those black box ESC usually go faster and you can’t control them. In my experience they mostly depend on Motor kV.

If u have the money for the vesc or focbox or flipsky fsesc6 go for those, those can be programmed say if later on u want more speed u can do that. The “chinese” esc is preprogrammed and cant be changed later on