Dual hub esc voltage

Hi guys,

I was looking at doing a dual hub motor build, simply because it suits my budget at this point.

My question is: have any of you did the “hack” where you are able to change the input voltage from 6s, 7s and 10s?

I see Mboards have stock, but it’s only the 10s version

Thanks Mark

Depends how fast u want to go. If u drop the voltage will go slower.

Not too concerned about speed at this point

Happy if I’m able to get between 15 and 20km/h?


Wow. Old ladies will be passing you on their walker. Theresfomulas for figuring the speed. Kv n voltage n wheel circumference


Yeah, I’m still learning at this point! Will up voltage in time.

Will have a look. Thank you

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honestly would go 10s straight away and simply use less throttle. ez you’ll be sick of 6s in a day


His name IS pops, maybe he wants to cruise beside his older lady :rofl:

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