Dual Hub Motor | ESC | first build | doesnt work :(

Hello Guys When i start my vesc and press forward on the remote it doesnt work. Only when i press backwards on the remote it makes a sound but doesnt roll in a direction

I have dual hub motor, 10s esc, 2x 5s 3000

Btw this picture with a batterie is a broken batterie . I have 2 new ones 20190615_194336 20190615_194347 20190613_175033

You should try pairing the remote. They say it comes prepaired but mine didn’t. Just follow these instructions

  1. Connect the control board to power source.
  2. Turn the control board power on, wait 2 seconds, then press and hold the switch for about 6 seconds, till the power indication light flickering, then loose the hold of the switch immediately.
  3. Turn on the remote, then use a little stick to press the code synchronize switch on down left side of the remote.
  4. Turn off the remote, wait 2 second to turn it on again. Wait till the remote’s sinal light and the control board’s power indicate light both flickering. Then connect sucess. If this doesn’t work then let me know

I pairded weeks ago but it doesnt work

Screenshots of your vesc settings would help.

He has a diy esc you can’t change the settings. He just called it a vesc.

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Have you had the board working before? Because you could have gotten an esc that suits a 24 volt battery and not the 36 volt

Did that battery in the pic make smoke with this present set up? If so, you may have burned some of the electronics on the ESC.

Nah that happend on the charger but its the old one

If i bought the esc i picked the 10s one


Hard to see if there is an accidental bridge across either of these pads, but if there is then you need to remove it for 10simage

Confirm the voltage coming from the batteries in series to ensure it is really 10s. Iirc the esc will beep when turned on, check the switch does not have a break if otherwise and if the remote is connecting


I think it is turning on after rereading, but not getting enough power

Ensure your batteries are charged, new batteries are delivered with storage charge which is not enough to operate

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Edit that out, your esc is not a vesc and vesc is a trademarked name :wink::upside_down_face:

Helpful Alan. Congratulations

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Your phase wires are not plugged in all the way

Pushing the connectors in requires a lot of force


Did we earn a result report?


Guys thanxs for helping and taking time but my esc died :frowning: It took a time becuz i forgot my password

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