Dual hub motors from banggood

i got these duel hub motor from banggood and hooked them up to my meepo boards controller and 10s2p battery. they only got up to 15mph tops speed… i was expecting somewhere close to meepos hub motor 21mph… why am i only getting 15mph tops? im running them in sensorless btw. because when i run them with sensors they vibrate at full throttle… maybe defective hall sensors in the motor…

link to the hub motors https://www.banggood.com/24V-42V-550W-70KV-Electric-Longboard-Skateboard-Brushless-90mm-Dual-6364-Hub-Motors-Drive-Kit-p-1186579.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN

Could be the low 70kv.

Never mind.

70kv x 42v = 2940 rpm

With 90mm wheels that comes to 30 mph unweighted.

its same kv as the meepo hub motors

Maybe your Meepo controller isn’t fully compatible with those motors. Maybe why the sensors are having problems as well.

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it must be the meepo controller incompatibility that @Namasaki is pointing at as i have these banggood hubs on a 10s2p dual vesc setup and they do above 20 mph. On a side note, those banggood hubs are pretty good bang for the buck. I’ve rode them a total of around 8 hours (its too cold to ride in nyc now) and am shocked at how well they perform. Just wish they didn’t feel so hard as I’m used to riding 75a flywheels and compared to those wheels the banggood hubs feel like you are riding on cans.

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Do you guys think the fvt esc 120a would work well on these hubs?

Hey guys my name is Adrian. If you have any questions about these dual hub motors i can help. I have an electric skateboard site and stock all these parts local. www.kvboards.com