Dual Hub Wheel Placement , Front or Back?

Hey guys ,

Do you prefer hubs in the front or in the back ?

I use them in the back. ( I was afraid to lose my teeth. ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do you put them front/back ?

Greetings Sven

Front. Great brakes and maybe their weight stops wobbles because I’ve never had any

Was riding hubs on the back because I’m afraid to hit a bigger rock or hole in the street and brake them somehow…

Have heard you get better traction with them at the back but better climbing ability with hubs at the front, different strokes.

I agree with your comment about traction, unless I have a perfect stance on the board my fwd hubs tend to slip and ‘damage’ the Thane(I’ve noticed more damage to the sleeves, but it could just be normal amounts of chunking and cracks for Chinese hubs). Ownboard hubs btw