Dual Maytech 90mm 800W Hub motors & truck 90$ + shipping [SOLD]

Hi, I used these for about 1 month. They have some dents scratches and chips, which does not effects the performance. I changed the bullet connectors and soldered the sensor wires new, because I needed the jst plugs from the sensor wires for another build I cut them off. The Hubs are coming with the rear truck and I can include two 90mm abec clones in matching colors. Please make me offers, i am willing to ship anywhere.20180826_12492020180826_12493520180826_12500020180826_12501220180826_12501920180826_125140

You have 3 post selling stuff you would only need 1 post, making 1 post for each item clutters the forum alot

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im in the US but im eyeing the esc and hubs… :o

We can work something out, pm sent!

How much are you looking to sell the VESC case? That is a dual right?

Where are you located?

In Tahiti, French Polynesia… Right in the middle of nowhere.

Did you ever figure out what hubs those were? Also, did you figure out the solution on the problems you were having with the setup?

Those are 90mm 60 kv Maytech hubs. The generic e-bay ESC and the weak battery i tried to run them with was not a good match for them. With vesc’s or the proprietary maytech dual hub esc they perform much better. They are torquier and more powerfull then the meepo style hubs but tend to get hotter at full speed.

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It’s around 960 Yen for shipping.

Just add whatever you feel like and it’s yours.

For real!!! Dude I don’t know… How do you feel about 3500 yens shipping included?

Sorry for the late reply, 3500 is too much for that shit! Can you get the rubber grommets, which fits in the holes for the wires, easily? If not I will try to get them here and include them. I had two Maytech Vescs placed in the casing and that was a really tight fit. The Capacitors where larger than in the original design. Which VESC’s do you want to put in there? I also include two capacitor boards which came withe the case from @Kug3lis. Maybe he can advise you which capacitors to get. 3000 Yen is enough for me.

Sorry, I did not see your reply. I have 2 Ollin VESCs 4.12 I honestly don’t know if it will fit maybe I should ask @kug3lis about that. I don’t know if I can get the rubber thingies here but if that is too much trouble for you don’t worry i will manage somehow. Anyways, send me your paypal address so I can send you the money and I will send you my address for the shipment.


3D SERVISAS Enclosure is sold,

Hubs and ESC are still avaiable.

Hubs 100$ + shipping ESC 30$ + shipping

The esc is for hub motor only?

yes hubs only.

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