DUAL MECHANICAL KIT from Electricboardsolution

Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone has used the dual mechanical kit from Electricboardsolution? Good quality? Worth the money? For the wheels I think I will go with ORANGATANG CAGUAMA 85MM WHEELS. Are they soft enough to handle bumps?


Yes it’s very good quality.

If I were to build another build this would definitely be an option I would look at. I can’t say how bad your roads are… but in general 85mm is fine. I use 90mm


I’ve been using them for a little while now, work like a charm. Because the mounts are steel, they are maybe a bit heavier but they have held up really well.


i’ve got this kit too, works really well!

as for wheels, i’d go with the light blue caguama’s

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I’ve heard that the blue Caguama wheels get chipped after a while due to the softness

They do, however it’s just a little more compared to the other hardnesses. If you value riding comfort i’d definetely go with the blues

The quality is very good for that price :slight_smile: