Dual motor Esc from Ebay PROBLEM

Hey guys. So this has been quite the thing for me. About 4 months ago, i built a board with parts from ebay (esc, motors) and two 3s batteries that i hooked up into a series to have a 6s. Ill have pictures below of what i have. It worked awesome for aboit 3 months, then when i went to go ride it around, i turned it on, got on it and it wouldnt excellerate. The brakes work, but theres no point in having brakes if your board doesn’t move. If you got a push start, then it would move a little, but was super glitchy. They’d spin for a bit, then stop. Then spin then stop etc. Sometimes one wheel would turn one way while the other did another way. I figured that its got to be the esc.

So i ordered a new esc, same model, just with a slightly different remote, and tried it out. Turns out it wasmt the issue, because It still wouldnt move. So i figured hey, maybe its the motors. So i ordered hub driven motors this time in hoped that it would work. Still did the same thing. So i went through and resoldered everything thinking maybe there was a loose connection.

So my question is what in the world is wrong? Could the battery of been the issue all along? I dont want to order a new battery just in case it is not the issue here. So, could i get some help? As you can see, i really need it.

20190511_124414 Screenshot_2018-11-06-06-19-21 Screenshot_2018-11-06-06-19-16 20181129_163706 Screenshot_2019-05-08-12-04-2120190511_130034

While I can’t help you directly with your query I would like to remind all future budget build readers of this thread that there is a reason we all say:

If you buy cheap, you buy twice.


Buy nice or buy twice.

Learn lyrical phonetics.

I still love you though.

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I know usually with these cheap ESCs since you can’t program them, they’re normally dedicated to belt or Hub Motors and can’t be interchanged. At least that’s my understanding.

My riptide basically uses one of the dual belt Ebay esc. It did something similar last year after riding in the rain.

I think they’re normally able to run 6 7 or 10s. Basically by removing or adding a small piece of solder to the board. Do you know if you’re set up for 6s?

They can actually be interchanged by might no be as efficient… As if you used them as they we’re designed to be used (ex belt esc for belt and hub esc for hubs

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Good to know. After I rebuild the riptide I’ll probably use its old ESC to make a cheap loaner board.

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Yes ive got 2 3s batteries set up in a series to make a 6s.

What do you mean [quote=“Skunk, post:6, topic:93507”] adding a small piece of solder to the board [/quote]?


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There’s a few different versions of basically the same cheap ESC. Since you can’t plug-in and program them this is how they have you switch between 6s, 7s, 9s, 10s or whatever it offers

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Was gonna suggest the same thing. It’s possible it’s set to 7 or 10S and therefore thinks the battery is too low, but still allows for brakes to be used.

it worked for a few months. But that does make sense. Ill try it and see what happens.

Do you have a link for those instructions?


Yeah I can’t speak for the first one, but maybe your replacement ESC is on the wrong setting.

Wrong setting?

Yes… a 7S or 10S setting. Skunk posted pictures and a link up above.