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Dual motor ESC?

I’ve seen reviews in the past that led me to think that alienpowersystem products are a bit sketchy, however I was cruising the website and found this:

I was wondering, has anybody tried using one of these with a dual motor board? It looks to me like it would make things a whole lot easier… Any thoughts?

That’s made by flyer I’m pretty sure. U can find it on alibabaexpress. I had a supposed 8s one snap into flames on first start up. Cleaner look with the one unit but inefficient and not nearly as good as vescs in so many ways.

I rided 150a 8s version with space cell for about 100km before blowing that, but i liked the esc so much i ordered flyers 12s to replace it (still waiting). but its easy low tech option IMO

This belongs in the electronics category.

I ordered one of these and experienced issues. It would blow the fuse In my space cell without any load just running the motors to max rpm. I returned that and bought vescs and boy is there a huge difference. Vescs are the way to go.