Dual motor loaded cantellated tesseract build album with descriptions plus build video playlist and test ride

HI all, i have finished my DIY board i have been working on. i have put about 60 miles on it so far it it works great. i made a post on reddit and it was rather popular so i thought you guys might like to see it here. there is a photo album with descriptions, a full build how to playlist, a shorter inspirational build video and a test and range video.

the total build cost was £650 but most of that was spent on the deck trucks and wheels. i made most of the stuff myself but had to purchase motors and speed controllers.

Dual motors are Alien 6355 190kv Dual VESC`s Diy battery is 33v 14ah made from used 18650 cells the board is a loaded cantellated tesseract the trucks are 195mm paris trucks 80mm kegal wheels.

now before anyone starts telling me 18650 cells will kill me and the battery is dangerous it isnt, i have made many batteries like this and i am still alive. and on top of that not one of them has had any issues all i do is keep them balanced and they work just fine. they dont get hot or blow up so please keep the “you will die” comments to a minimum. like i said i have done 60 miles so far in the Spanish sun so its had a good test and im still here to tell the tail. that being said i would not advice someone to copy my battery design as there are risks involved with using second hand cells and soldering them is not recommended care must be taken to get correct balancing and each individual cell must be tested. these videos are to show how i did my build if you want to copy then you do so at your own risk.

Build album http://imgur.com/a/20Yin

Inspiration build video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF1weFm6wS4

Range test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrOq3P3DV5I

full build playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOQ8f5zeUXo&list=PLuelnJRSUDEN5qAmO1gZqRdDjjQEKRbGL


Very nice build and great documentation. Good share.

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Thanks glad you liked it, it took me a lot of time to make all the videos and documentation.

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That’s what made it so great. Thank you for sharing. All of our skateboards are similar, but a lot more work went into yours.

Next time… put all your picture and project resume here. (so we won’t see all those weird comment from IMGUR…:wink:)

yea saw this blow up on /r/diy

a lot of people talking shit about the loose collection of 18650s in the pack but who cares.

great build, working towards one similar to it.

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there was alot of shit being spoken in the comments. however it was 92% positive so i was really happy. most people could see it for what it was. a diy project that actually worked really well. thanks for the comment.

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I watched all your vids on YouTube this morning while I was on they treadmill. :sunglasses: :v: