Dual motor on a single ESC

Hi all, I was asking should it be possible to connect to motors to one ESC. ESC: 120A 12S ESC (diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-12s-120a-car-esc-opto-hv/) Motor: SK3 - 149Kv 12S Battery: 12S 150A max

Does anyone ever tested this?

It has been done, but that was with a VESC.

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Yes it is possible if and only if the axis are coupled AND the rotor flux is aligned (the generated voltage on the should be equal). See the pictures in the topic.


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Dude i would not do that.

ehhhh… i’ll get the popcorn.

Possible on the test bench but it doesn’t seem practical for E-board application. Wouldn’t this reduce motor performance or over work the Vesc?