Dual Motor Reciever

When doing a Dual Motor setup with two VESC would I have to plug in the ports to CH1 and CH2 or what would it be. BTW using HK- GT2B

You need a Y splitter for servo leads. You can make it or buy it

Both motors come off one channel which would be channel 2

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like this for example

You can control 2 VESCs in 2 ways. You can either split the connections so the one trigger signal goes to both VESCs (just a splitter wire) or you can just connect to one VESC and then connect the two VESCs via the can-bus

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so you’re saying that with the can-bus I will only have to put it in CH2 and then the other VESC will be blank

That is correct, plus with can bus you can use traction control.

Sweet so whats more efficient, Y Spliiter or Can-Bus

Not sure either is more efficient for ppm. Personal preference and if you want any bonus that can-bus can give (traction control, adding a Bluetooth module to the slave VESC and programming them both through that, and a few other things like that)

Thanks guys Now I know

You have to configure the can bus on the VESC a little to get it to work, and if it dies (cable breaks or something) while traction control is on, the master VESC will only go as fast as the traction control difference (which is supposed to be quite small). So the extra features add a little more work and a slight more possibility for issues, but I thought it worth it :slight_smile:

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what would your configurations be on the dual motor