Dual motor setup for 150$

So i was wondering,if you could use these 2 motor kits: https://www.ebay.com/itm/400KV-N5065-Pulleys-Brushless-Motor-Mount-Set-For-83-90-97MM-Wheels-Skateboard/292214737724?hash=item44095b0b3c:g:IMgAAOSwRYBZkXAA And as a esc:

I m hoping to find out if this will work or not

First of all, that’s not a VESC! And secondly no, that motor KV is very high.

That ESC kit will support 6s, 7s, and 10s. All of which are over the 60k erpm limit of a 400kv motor.

You will need to decide what battery you want to run with that ESC kit, and then make a motor selection.

I recommend you go with a 190kv motor and find a 10s battery.

  1. You’re gonna need 2 of those, that already puts you over your $150 budget,
  2. Those motors are so small and so high kv you’ll get like no torque out of them.
  3. That’s not a vesc…
  4. What are you gonna power it with? Hopes and dreams? You’ll probably want a battery.

Basically read a bit more to get a better idea of which motors to use. That ESC isn’t great, but can work for a real cheap build. You’ll need a way bigger budget even for a dual motor build. (Like 3 times what your current budget is). And get batteries. Batteries are important.

The ERPM limit of the vesc is 60k. Since this is a generic ESC, the erpm limit is different (could be higher or lower). But since there’s no information on it, we really don’t know

Ah, you’re right. Thanks for pointing that out. I don’t quite tinker in the world of non-VESC ESC’s.

Thanks,i m not planning on building something like that.Was just curios what some more experienced people would say about the idea And sorry about the incorrect name,i just edited it

here’s a long discussion about the esc

That 400 kv motor suchs. I had the motor on my first built and it died after like 5 use. The motor mount suchs too because the set screws would not hold the mount in place.

Cheap is never the best. But some cheap parts are quite good and they will make you moving. These parts have been used by some guys here and they work ok. dual drive dual esc that is a 200 setup. and you will only need batteries, enclosures, silicon wires and a deck.