Dual motor setup for sale (can hold dual 6374)

items included: (same as all items on the picture) 97mm wheel X4 8 inch truck X2 (the rear truck having a longger axis that the front truck) motor mount X2 40T 12mm wheel pulley X2 15T motor pulley X2 drive belt X2

price: 75us + shipping (to USA 30US by UPS, other area please ask me) , paypal fee included.



I like what Dicky is doing here. I’ve messaged him and suggested sending a couple of these out to respected forum members to bash and review.

Dicky is the type of gentleman that could finally make budget builds decent and reliable.


That’s amazing, my motor mounts cost more than this whole set alone and im pretty sure most people on here share the same sentiment.

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normally, I only sell parts. because very busy, no much time to install thing. this setup was build where I was testing those mounts and pulleys. now I do not what to trouble dissemble them…, so I only have one of this setup…

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I don’t think people would mind receiving the parts and do the assembly themselves as long as that set up can be used with 6374 you should be able to sell the parts. Trucks with longer axles would probably be popular here.

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I might be interested in this really a good deal

What are those trucks? And what would be shipping to croatia

the trucks are the same as the one I am selling. just the rear truck having a longer axis.

ship to Croation would be by DHL, need 40US, tax not included.

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thats an unbeliavable price :slight_smile:

how do i buy these from the uk?

with paypal

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Where in US are you located? I’ll take the whole package please

I am in china.

Is this still available dicky? If it is,I will purchase it!

yes, still available

Hi. those now mounts was suppose came to me today, but I still not got them yet…

Sorry, I for got the forward the tracking number, is UPS 2018-09-06 15:41 Shenzhen, China, Export Scan

2018-09-06 02:10 Arrival Scan

2018-09-06 02:03 Departure Scan

2018-09-05 22:13 Shenzhen, China, Origin Scan

2018-09-05 16:14 Pickup Scan

2018-09-03 09:40 China, Order Processed: Ready for UPS

Can you get matching front trucks with the same axle width as the rear? Or sell a 4wd kit?

sell a 4wd kit would be better…


How much would a 4wd version cost?

that would be like added: 2X wheel pulleys, 2X motor mount, 2X motor pulley and belt.

need 120US

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Hi Dicky. Is this still available?

Hi. yes, still available.