Dual Motor setup help and parts

Hello all,

this is my first build and I want to do a dual motor setup for my Trampa Mountain board I order.

The 2 motors I plan to buy will be the following:

On this page I am being recommended I also get the SK8-ESC

What I am not sure is, do I go with a ESC or VESC, how to go about selecting? How many will I need and how to set this up with the 2 motors. Also what other parts do I need to order beside the batteries.

Is there any instructions with diagrams, also would like to know how to install a fuse and a circuit breaker, but don’t know how to even go about knowing the amp and volts I will require?

I am eager to get my board in working order so I can enjoy it, but I don’t want to rush and make costly mistakes so your help is very much appreciated.


If your doing dual motor you will need 2. I would go with a quality Vesc as you will end up spending more replacing parts.

Quality Vesa like as in $$$$? You know a VESC is made using off the shelf commodity electronics parts? The motor speed is controlled by sending pulse width modulation, which is basically a timed square wave signal. As long as you don’t go over the amp for the circuit it should be fine. People are seduced by a lot of hype in this industry imho, which is a shame.

That ESC is a VESC, they just can’t call it that because VESC is trademarked. The HobbyKing ESC is okay, but for V4.12 hardware my money would be on Flipsky.

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Cool thanks @kalebludlow I will checkout Flipsky, still lots for me to read up!

If you have any questions I am happy to try and help. It would be good to spend some time here just reading everything, I was here for a month or two before I bought my first board

Well I love this from Flipsky

Exactly what I need.

I have another question on the controller, can you suggest something that is very reliable, meaning there is no delay or loss of signals? Also the wire to connect the RC receiver to the VESC does it come with one, if not what type of wire do I need to purchase.

Okay so receiver is something that I would have no clue about, its something I am still trying to decide upon. The 3 little wires that come off the top are the ones that plug into the receiver so you don’t need to worry about that

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