Dual Motor + VESC setup motor doesn't want to spin help


This is my first dual motor VESC setup. I’m currently configuring the VESC and the motor sounds like it doesn’t want to spin or as if it’s having a hard time spinning. When I run the detection, motor spins fine, however when I try to setup the Remote and to calibrate it, that’s where the motor doesn’t want to spin. Are my settings incorrect for the battery?

Edit: Battery Current Max I had it set to 20-25 before and motors didn’t want to spin.

Setup: Battery: 5s1p 8000 Mah 30c (2) I have them wired in series Link to the battery

Motor: C6374 170 kv VESC: 4.12 Flipsky

Setup diagram is also attached.

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What remote? Welcome to the forum. Does a toad bump it’s ass when it hops?