Dual motor vs single motor range?

“All-in-all Better range on 2 motors vs 1? No, unless you have a bunch of steep hills everywhere. But while it may be less range, it certainly is NOT half the range” - Dude the difference just gets bigger the steeper the hills are and the more you accelerate. There are big losses in heat and big losses in transfer of energy to the board when you are using one motor on one wheel on one side… This is me done, educate yourself from what I said and next time don’t tell us what you think, tell us what you know and can back up… Cause people like you are the reason why so many make so many stupid mistakes… 99 percent of you are saying stuff you have no clue about, but people read it and believe it… I can see someone byuing a 1wd because of you telling him this BS… Shame on you, too cocky to shut up and listen… No, you got to be the smart one telling total BS…

The broken belt has nothing to do with actual increase in range. I was making a joke :smile:

Ok, so your last replies were a bit confusing to me, but I take it you are standing with your view that “Two motors will give you better RANGE then one motor” Correct?

My view is “One motor will give you better range then two motors” Correct?

This is not a waste of time by any means! I hope this is constructive disagreement.

You are right. I do not know EXACT numbers, as I have not gone and fully run my battery out completely with either a single or dual motor set up. I just note the millage (with a speedometer app I have on my phone) and the percentage of battery used. And with those simple calculations I would say I lost about 30% of my range with dual motors.

I offer a proposition. In interest of finding out the answer, by fact, a real world experiment.

I live in a valley in California. There is quite a bit of long flat non-highway roads around.

I will fully charge my battery, and ride it at a constant speed of 25mph with dual motors until it shuts off. I will measure that distance both with Google Maps, as well as my phone speedometer.

I will recharge that same batter, disconnect one motor, and ride the SAME road starting at the SAME place, and will ride at 25mph with the single motor until the battery shuts off. I will measure that distance both with Google Maps, as well as my phone speedometer.

All of this on video.

And I will come back with the honest results :slight_smile:

Sound good mate?


I found there’s not much diffrance in range. 1 motor I lost KWh in heat motor got noticeably warmer and the fact the back trucks are tork steering so you constantly steer a little to correct this resulting in a little more drag on the back wheels.

2 motors l lost KWh on belt resistance but mainly in accelerating harder (this is not a fair comparison as my dule set up could pull more amps)

On flats generally cruising around 1 motor gets better range

Tearing off and going up hills 2 motors got better range. The more you build confidence the harder you acelarate witch then reduces your range.

I stayed with 2 motors because of brakes! 1 motor I was always feathering brakes worried about skidding braking down hills.

I also have my back trucks stiffer so on verry tight turns I would louse traction if the powered wheel was on the out side

If your looking for more range then play with the VESC settings cap the motor power restricted the acceleration curve and delays and you get better range (I’m sure some one hear with more exsperiance can sergers other settings and gear ratios to also improve range) or use more cells in the battery more s or more p

Iv got a feeling people who say 1 motor has Mutch better range because there comparing a single 6570 motor with 80a vs dule 6555 combined a 130a (approx figers all motors are difrent)

cost is the only real reason to go single norhing wrong with that. just comes down to what’s more important to you in your build. The hole point of DIY is to build and customise what best suits what you want and not compromise on what a prebuilt board gives you.

Rember all advise is opinions you eather take it or dismiss it. Not every ones right all the time you just have to pick the bits you agree with and there is always a exception to the rules 1 component might work better with a difrent one on certain settings one Persian set up might work better on a single motor than most dule set ups and vise verser.

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Still waiting on @CoolRextreme for the test … :cry: