Dual OM5065 Ollin motor solution for Caliber 184 trucks

Been trying to figure out a way to make a dual set up with the Ollin motors. The first hurdle was to find an adjustable mount to fit the motor since it wasnt a normal 30mm. The second was to either find a RKP truck long enough for both motors or an extension for regular trucks. I couldnt find a RPK long enough, I even tried contacting Quinny to see if I could purchase the truck they used for their longboard stroller hybrid - nothing. Then I looked for extensions and I could get 4 for 100+ dollars - nope. I decided to make my own extension with a grade 5 1" threaded coupler and 2.5" stainless bolt cut down to 2". I used a cheap 184 truck to experiment with until my caliber comes in. I threaded the shaft to the aluminum and cut the shaft to .5" and used red loctite to join coupler to shaft. I had to file out my caliber mount to fit the cheap truck so I could see if it would fit and it worked great.


Very clean… Congrats

How much of the Coupler is threaded in the hanger ?

Where did you get your motor mounts?

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About a half inch in hanger and half inch for wheel bolt

chris.hunt I made them. I am starting to sell them them for 45.00 with free shipping in US. Should have a limited amount in a little over a week I am ordering more tomorrow for a few people PM me if you want one, no obligation, someone will buy if you dont want it. Read the “Interest for Ollin motor mount OM5065-200” thread for pics and more details.

chris.hunt forgot to mention the mounts for sale fit Caliber 2s

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those mounts are gorgeous! That’s a very elegant design. They look similar to something i was thinking about trying to cut out with my xcarve.

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Still not sure how you did this ?

You slid original Axle out first ,then threaded ends of hanger for the coupler ??

I really like the Ollin motors! So small but so powerfull!

No, i just cut the original axle after I threaded it.

Yes! The Ollin motors are great!! I am sure one would work just fine but 2 is always better.

ok ,got it,…have you tested it’s strength ?

No, this was just proof of concept with cheap trucks I had laying around. I am waiting for my calibers to come in and I will do the same process. The coupler and the bolt are harder than the shaft so hopefully it should be good.

I’m concerned about the practicality of this concept. This appears to be a great way to take an already super wide set of trucks and make them even wider, resulting in an atrocious turning radius.

Probably, but now I can have 2 Ollin motors.

Wouldn’t it be more practical to simply place them on opposite sides of the truck? Or to use a taller riser and offset their center points so they can overlap a bit without touching? Or even running longer belts on one than the other to offset them the other direction.

dual diagonal would probably be the cleanest option other than what he did here.

I actually called Caliber and asked them about custom truck hangers a couple months ago. I was told they don’t do that.

you know when you get something in your head and until you make it and fail you think it is a good idea. Thats where i’m at.


Tracker Dart’s are 219 mm hanger’s