Dual OM5065 Ollin motor solution for Caliber 184 trucks

Those were the first trucks I looked at but for some reason I think I need RKP for turning something this wide.

Where’d you get the cheap trucks? I’d like to do some experiments too

I bought them about a year and a half ago from http://www.funboxdist.com/ they say 190mm on the site but they are 184mm. I bought them for about 20.00 but they have gone up to 26.00 I think.


Just found the time to cut up my calibers and make a real dual Ollin 50xx powerhouse. Still need to find a deck to put it on I dont want to keep changing out my other board with the hubs. Hopefully the coupler holds up and the wheels dont fall off. These are the motor mounts I have been making- just so happens I broke off a couple taps in the holes so I decided to use them for my self. Ill keep you posted


Hope does the coupler work? Did you swap out a shorter axle or just cut and rethread?

Me too, just thread, cut and rethread.

I meant “how”, but sure, hope as well! Make sure you threadlock it!

lol, second pic from the top of the thread shows the coupler screwed onto the truck and a bolt laying next to it. The coupler and the bolt are grade 5 so it should be ok, We’ll see. Will definitely use thread lock on all parts.

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Very cool idea. I’m interested to see how it performs for you. The drive assembly looks really nice.

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Does the bearing sit on the coupler? Or how does that work?

The bearing sits on the non threaded part of the bolt. I had to use a 2.5" bolt and cut it down to get a big enough space that wasn’t threaded for the bearings.

Don’t have the enclosure yet, hopefully its in process shortly. All the electronics are programmed and transmission is in place. I had to take it for a spin at the office to see how the Ollin sensored 50mm motors run. Since it is near Halloween I wrapped it in electrical tape to keep the guts in and disguised it as a mummy. DAMN, sooth as butta.


How are the axle extensions holding up?

They are holding up well so far. Still no enclosure so everything is just strapped to the board. I have it at work since that is where I mostly work in it. I have had about 10 people ride it around ranging from 150lbs to 250lbs with no issues yet. Once I get the enclosure I will start riding it to work.

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This longer truck solution is very interesting. I have the same motors and have been looking for a hanger at least 215mm wide. But this might be one way to get there. How is the progress of the enclosure going?

@Kaden56 is making it for me but am working around his school schedule, I have a few littles and they take up most of my time so I am not in any hurry. He already made me an enclosure for one of my other builds and it turned out great - just havent had a chance to post pictures yet.

We head down to St George in just 4 more days and the new molds will be underway! I’m excited to see how they turn out. I have a brand new high quality flat endmill bit on its way right now that I’ll get to use on it. Just a couple maintance things to take care of on the CNC first so I don’t have another disaster.

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I think I need those extenders @korryh lol I wanna prob make a dual out of @chaka’s motors

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I bought the couplers at home depot just to try out the concept but it is holding up well. There are other couplers on the internet that have thicker walls and will probably upgrade eventually. The motors are super powerful, I am about a buck fifty and they push me up hills with out slowing down at all. I may try them on a hybrid board I am messing around with trampa short deck and MBS matrix II trucks, still looking for wheels and working on a mount.

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The mold is sitting here on my counter ready to go! Spring break is over after today so I’m back to school tomorrow and will vacuum the enclosures and send them out this week. Can’t wait to see your board with an enclosure. You have some serious skills in designing these things. I like this one even more than the last.