Dual purpose board

I am very new to the site and eboards in general. I’m wanting to build a on-road/off-road board like the evolve. I have rode one that my friend has a few times but it has some drawbacks. i really enjoy hitting some dirt paths and with the urethane wheels the real skate feel. I haven’t found much as far as truck set up with something that would be easily swapped between the pneumatic and urethane wheels. as of right now i do plan on doing a dual diagonal style motor setup if that changes anything. i did see one build but had only pictures and very few details. any help would be greatly appreciated.

search some more, with 1 hour read time there’s no way you’ve properly searched for something similar to what you want. I for one have seen numerous on-road/off-road hybrid builds that utilized evolve trucks, psychotiller rkp’s e.t.c. Trust me, spend the time and study, maybe even get a cheap eskate as an introduction into learning about the electronics. By doing so, you will be able to present a clear template for us to look at and we can answer any burning questions you might have.

Type in “Evolve trucks” in the search bar and ready away my friend :slight_smile:

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