Dual Racestar 5065 for 3rd build

Hi everyone, since i have upgraded so many things on my 1st and 2nd builds and i have so much left over parts, i would like to build a 3rd eboard using two Racestar 5065 motors,

1- Are there any motor mounts that fit these motors to use on caliber II trucks?

2- What are all the KV ratings that i can use with a 10s battery?

3- If motor comes with sensored wires, can i cut them off and not use sensored?


  1. What speed controler are you using? If Vesc 4, then 200Kv or lower. FOCBOX or VESC 6 you can go as higher, but you need to watch out for the reduction you want or your wheel pulley will be bigger than the wheel itself

  2. Yeah, no problem, if you want to remove the sensors itself open the motor and take the PCB and wires off, did that on all my motors

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Gonna use a regular vesc 4.12 , i cant find a motor mount for these motors for caliber II trucks other than the chinese made one that sells on ebay for $18 and uses paris style trucks. I would not like to use those.

190Kv it is then, about the mounts I can’t help, but I usually design my mounts and send them to be made on a local shop, this way you have exactly what you need/want

what about the 200kv, will it work ok?

Yes, the ERPM should be bellow 60K Erpm. Erpm = motor pole pairs * Kv * Voltage = 7 * 200 * 42 = 58800 Erpm

  1. Yes, these: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/do-it-all-mount-caliber-tb-63xx-50xx/52943/56

5065 are too long to fit 2 on one caliber truck.

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Yes, true, in dual symmetrical rear, not asymmetrical rear or diagonal.

im thinking rear, one facing forward and the other facing backwards.

I think these mounts would fit better in this configuration since they are shorter:

to add on to this, don’t cut the sensor wires, in case you decide to use them later. Just don’t plug them in.

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Didnt realized it but diy has the mounts.


@marcmt88 has some mounts that will fit

The old Enertion carbon mounts or any with an x pattern for mounting the motor will work.