Dual raptor motors stopped working? Help!

So I turned on my raptor this morning and only one motor is going and at a very slow chunky speed,

I was riding it last night in the park and lost a belt, I did go through a few puddles but nothing major, I replaced the belt and then only one motor was working, so I turned everything off and on and it was good again.

Rode it home slowly next to a friend walking, and woke up this morning to it hardly running.

I had a look around the vescs and the second vesc, doesn’t stop blinking, the first one goes solid blue but the second just keeps 4 red and then one blue.

Check the phase wires to the motor

Check the connection of the motor wires into the vesc. Also any burnt out DVR chip? Can you connect master to your computer and run BLDC tool to check errors.

email [email protected]

also read this: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/r-spec-shorted-phase-wire-problem-solution/6474/36

I took the motors off last night, didn’t seem to be any major excess wire inside the motor, I swapped the motors over and the other motor did exactly the same thing. So I think it might be a vesc connection issue

Can you connect vesc to bldc and check if errors. Dvr chip?

Maybe this afternoon, I’m away atm and don’t have a computer with me

Good news, so I had the battery unplugged for about 15 hrs last night, thought I’d give it one more to this morning and like magic two solid blue lights on the vesc and motors working perfectly, so definitely a vesc bug or issue.

I could be wrong, but Seems as though the vesc had reset itself once the capacitors ran out of power.

Put everything back together and went for a test run, all good. Going to loctite to bolts and nuts tomorrow, and reseal the vesc and motor wire holes.

Anyone recommend what locktite and sealant to fill the holes back up

Happy days