Dual Raptor: what range are you getting?

Curious what range everyone is getting.

I’m 170lbs and at full speed on a perfectly flat and paved bike path at 50 degrees F I got 7 miles before the battery was at 30%. I let the board sit for a while, it climbed from 25% to 30% after about a minute and then stayed there.

That equates to approximately 10 miles, at best. Jason says you get the most range at top speed, so that’s what I did. It’s looking like almost half of the advertised 18 mile range.

What’s your experience been?

is it the dual?

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Yes. It’s the dual.

you dont get the nost range at top speed. max range is probably sonething you get around 18-20kph constant riding on flats!

with my single drive, the best results i had were 9Wh/km! for duals its probably 11-12Wh/km!

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I was getting 15miles or 25km. Im light. Also thats not pushing hard 100%. If your doing varied riding which i do you can get good range. Especially getting regen going down hill.

Actually give it a full test to 0% Youll find you can always get extra out of the battery.

yeah, make a full range test on flat at about 20 km/h

I weigh 215lbs. And did 15 miles with 25% battery left. Mostly flat. Alot of stop and go at intersections though.

I agree with @whitepony You not gonna get max range at full throttle with the Vesc on current control because more throttle = more amps pulled from the battery. To get max range you need to find the speed where your almost coasting and giving just a little throttle. Let’s call it the glide point. You’ll only achieve the glide point on flat ground or slight down hill. And riding against the wind can drastically decrease range just as riding uphill. Once I logged 27miles with my 10s 9ah lion pack Going 5-10 mph on the Mission beach boardwalk

@onloop What’s the best way to get maximum range?

To travel the furthest distant. Travel at the highest average speed possible. Minimise wind resistance. Avoid steep hills. Coast down hill. Tryou to avoid stopping and starting.

Quickest customer support ever!

I’ll try this. We have amazing bike paths where you don’t ever need to stop and it’s very flat. I’ll try to test on a day with no wind and report back.

Too easy brother. Enjoy.

I got 18 miles easily. There’s a lot of variables, rider weight, terrain and tarmac quality, how much you coast, do you kick push to start, flats or hills, etc.

I think kick pushing is the easiest and most effective way to save energy without much effort.

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Way easier to find on single than duals … but he is correct…also wider belts add a little more drag. That’s why I love 9mm belt single drive…since 90% of my rides are flat so I have no fear of belt slipping.

Yeah that glide point where you know you ain’t stressing the motors and just giving you that extra push to keep you going at speed but not too much where your speeding up then slowing down

Yep and easy on the ramp up to speed…

Less draw, more distance

I also love 9mm belts and I keep them a little on the loose side for even less drag.

I have dual 9’s and dual 12’s. Don’t really notice a difference between them in terms of drag. I’m a fan of having wider belts but leaving them looser. Less drag and without skipping! Speaking of 9’s I broke my second 9mm belt today going uphill. 2 Belts in 3 months.

I haven’t tried wider belts. I haven’t had any belts break on me either(knock on wood)