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Dual Raptor: what range are you getting?

I think dual diagonal has a higher tendency to break. Both the belts I broke were on my rear wheel. My front wheel hasn’t broke yet.

during acceleration your weight is shifting backwards, maybe that is straining the rear belt more? do the belts tend to break when accelerating or braking?

Yea I think that’s it too. The rear motors probably have more stress since I accelerating slightly harder than I brake. Either way I try not to push either acceleration/deceleration much.

I’ve had it break once going down a hill while braking and once accelerating up a hill (today actually!). You’d expect the front one to break going down hills, but it hasn’t happened so far!

So onloop is saying cruise at top speed (~26mph) the entire time for best range, and everyone else seems to be saying one should cruise at a comfortable speed that isn’t drawing high amperage - let’s say 12mph. Pretty different answers. I guess I’ll have to test for myself and see which is correct.

My acceleration curve is pretty nuts on my stock Dual Raptor with the Winning remote. It has good control at slow speeds, but even if you ask for like 50% power, by the time it gets to whatever speed that would be it just gives it 100% haha It’s almost always trying to give full power when cruising at moderate to high speeds regardless of what I tell the remote. I’m guessing this unavoidable hard acceleration is really hurting my range. I’ve yet to just cruise without slowing down and accelerating, but I’ve never really broken 10 or 11 miles on mostly flat smooth roads and I’m 170lbs. Temperatures here have been around 50° F which hurts the battery a little bit, but not thaaat much.

We’ll see. I’ll definitely post once I get around to conducting some controlled tests.

On my last ride I only got 6 miles, I have a feeling something is bunk with my battery. For the first few days I would get somewhere, let the battery cool then plug it in while I would be hanging out and let it charge to 100%/ green light on the charger. These weekend rides were no more than 4 miles and the battery would drain down around 35% and I was thinking it seemed short but I have also read that you can get a lot more out of the battery than the gauge really tells you.

On Sunday night I came back from a ride and let it cool and charge like usual and when the green light came on the gauge only read 90%. Woke up Monday morning to see if I could give it a bump to 100% but the charger immediately went green and I couldn’t get it above 90%. Still rode it to work and plugged it in there. After work is when I decided to run it dry to see what was going on and only got the 6 miles (had to push for a half mile). I have not put a voltmeter on my battery at its 90% value yet but 1/3 of advertised range is not cool. Feels like I’m riding a really fast boosted board as I am getting the same range as they are.

I ride full speed and conscious of extending my range by push starting etc and I live in a super flat area (my elevation gain to work is 100ft).

Contacted support and Billy was very responsive at first but have not heard anything for the past 3 days. Been raining here in the bay so hoping to get this issue resolved once the roads dry up again @onloop

Sounds like a problem with one of the cells groups. Probably needs to be investigated.

You can investigate yourself if you have some prior knowledge for battery design. It might be a loose wire.

Otherwise need to get the board sent in for a service. Please email the support team again and we will advise your options.


I’m 215lbs and regularly log 12+ miles with a few hills thrown in on my dual. I’m rarely at top speed, mostly 10-15mph.

I’m about 60kg (soaking wet) and I ride my Raptor basically everyday between Hove and Brighton. It’s about 5 miles round trip (just checked it on Google Earth) although there are some serious hills involved, and I ride at a fairly high speed, probably averaging 20mph+ while in traffic. Most days I arrive home with about 40% battery left in the tank. This SpaceCell is a beast!

Jason, thanks for chiming in. I will do some investigating this week and crack it open. I will have to acquire some shrink wrap to put it back together but no big deal.

A loose wire/ disconnected cell group would make some sense. Hopefully nothing major.

Thank you again & will update once investigated.

Opened my space cell very carefully and everything looks good in there. Wires snug on all ends and looking good.

Thanks again @onloop for the recommendation, I really do appreciate your support.

I have gone as far as I can safely & don’t want to make this into a troubleshooting thread. I will try support again and see what steps I can take next. This board absolutely rocks & hopefully it’s nothing major and can get back on the road asap!